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(Prices vary by breed and size of dog and can change due to the coat condition and temperament of pet)

We are booked out on appointmets about 6 weeks so call ahead to schedule your appointment. Nail trims are walk ins, no appointment needed. 

  • Spa Package {$30-$70+tax} spa bath, shampoo & conditioner, blow dry/style, full brush out, nail trim/grind, ear cleaning, cologne, bow or bandana if desired, light trimming if needed
  • Full Groom Package {$37-$95+tax} complete basic package, plus full body haircut of choice
  • Cat Grooming {$25-$45+tax} full brush out, trimming, and haircut. 

Nails Only

  • Nail Trim or Grind $14+tax
  • Value prepaid 12 pack of nail grinds $120+tax

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